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Debt Collection Specialists

Debt Collection Specialists

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Our Collection Officers
We also concentrate extensively on our internal clients, our workforce. We go to great lengths to appoint motivated and dedicated Collection Officers with a natural in stinct for debt collection. Our Collection Officers are well-versed in matters of risk assessment, legal framework, dispute management, and are acquainted with local business practices ofcases placed.

Our training programs ensure that our Collection Officers will be competent, tactful and persistent negotiators with debtors to create workable arrangements in solving payment problems. We recognize your urgency in recovering your debts. That is why our Collection Officers are always just a phone call away if you have placed your cases with Debt Collections.
Training of Collection Officers
The objectives of our development programs for our Collection Of ficers are to guarantee that each collector will be methodically equipped to manage cases assigned to them.We have also produced our customized training manual for all our employees. This manual contains our company policies, performance expectations, as well as a guide to operating our specialized software system. This is followed by one-on-one training by our managers on the legal and accounting aspects of accounts receivables management. They will also understudy under the supervision of our senior collectors in their work process directed by our Standard Operating Procedure. An assessment would follow before we decide if theyare ready to manage the cases on their own.
It is also compulsory for all our Collection Officers to participate in all our planned Continuing Education Program to improve their collection skills. These programs include customer-service andcritical thinking skills. Thus, you can ensure that our Collection Officers are your best representation when it comes to collecting your debts.